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Fisheries have traditionally provided food for humans and are an important source of income for millions of households worldwide. The same is true for aquaculture which, in recent years, has transformed from subsistence farming into a large and economic important industry for many countries. While the benefits of these practices can’t be denied, major shortcomings can be observed in many places: overfishing, environmental pollution and degradation and their negative social impacts pose a huge number of challenges for consumers, producers, authorities and governments alike. In our team we have extensive knowledge and expertise in the seafood sector to create positive growth for the industry while considering the environment and communities involved in seafood production.  

Impact mitigation, aquaculture improvement and capacity building
We support you in the improvement of current operations or in framing concepts for new projects, programs or plans, addressing technical, economic and market-oriented aspects of aquaculture while considering environmental and social issues at stake. Be it technical advice, support with quality and food safety issues or solutions for product and supply chain integrity, our team provides you with competent and well-tailored advice and helps you in capacity building.

Eco-labelling and fair trade 
At ekolibrium we have experience with all aspects of standard implementation and a wide range of eco-labels. Our services cover guidance, coaching, assessment, in-depth evaluations (e.g. gap-analyses) or any other form of support.  Fair trade and ethical supply chains are a priority for our team and we welcome opportunities to work with small holders, farmer groups and small-scale fisheries.  

Fishery management and organization
We facilitate the improvement and proper management of fisheries by working with all sorts of stakeholders from individuals and private companies to authorities, governmental institutions and NGOs. Our competencies encompass legal advice, governance, resource assessment, policy development, conduct of impact studies, capacity building, data collection and coaching in documentation processes such as traceability records and catch documents. 

Research, scientific advice, data collection
At ekolibrium we have extensive experience with data collection and research. We perform empirical analyses, develop models for specific aspects of aquatic resource utilization and provide scientific advice for all kind of marine and natural resource related questions. We also conduct studies in regards to economic aspects of seafood value chains, trade patterns or trends of aquatic resources use.

Advice in CSR, sourcing and environmental policies 
At ekolibrium we offer professional advice regarding ethical procurement, supply chain integrity and product impacts. We develop sourcing strategies and help you to strengthen your CSR and environmental policies. We further conduct sustainability or life cycle assessments, energy efficiency and carbon footprint analyses or support our customers with the implementation of environmental management systems such as ISO 14001 and EMAS.
"Today, companies and governments can’t simply show responsibility for what they do; we all must account for how we do things."

At ekolibrium we are a team of experts who care for the environment, local communities and fair development worldwide. We share the vision of a holistic approach to how we work. By integrating the full complexity of social, environmental and economic aspects in a way that makes sure to meet present needs without neglecting future desires, we aspire to provide maximum outcomes with minimal impacts. We support you on your way to environmental friendlier practices and make sure that your business goals are met in consultation with the community.

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