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Minh Phu: Vietnam is our homeland.

Vietnam is our homeland, a country of beauty, diversity and resilence.
With a strong and abundant natural environment, and a culture of caring and sharing good fortune with other.

Minh Phu is driven by this tradition
For almost 25 years we have combined experience and innovation to build a complete ecosystem o farmers, shientists and professionals, an equitable, sustainable, responsible ecosystem, dedicated to bringing the best shrimps to the world, one bite at a time.

We are more than a producer of food
We are growers and nurturers: Of healthier food, Happier cosnumers, Stronger partnerships, A sustainable environment, And a better Vietnam.

A complete ecosystem for Good

Our  responsible and end-to-end value chain  gives  us complete control of our product.

Our  holistic view  allows  us to identify connections and easily build in processes that meet customer needs.
The components of our ecosystem (research institute, hatchery, farms, factories, distributors) work in synergy, creating unique value.

•We protext our environment.
•We nurture our company
•We advance Vietnamese shrimps.
•We provide assurance of quality for our business partners.

Sharing good food
A Promise of Goodness.
Our slogan reflects what we are truly about: sharing, caring, and a universal sense of togetherness and belonging brought about by aharing good food; it is a simple but deep message to all our parnters and the world-at-large.

Impression of harvesting shrimps


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