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Diversity and Abundance of Intertidal Crabs at the East Swamp-Managed Areas in Segara-Anakan Cilacap, Central Java,Indonesia

Mangrove forests possess a high diversity and abundance of crabs in Central Java. Theconservation of mangrove forests into prawn ponds causes depletion of supply of riversediments and loss of property. The main objective of this study is to compare the diversityand abundance of intertidal crabs in undisturbed, crab hunting, logging and prawn pondareas that were different in percent mangrove canopy covers and percent sediment textures.In each area, two transect lines were installed to analyse the percent mangrove canopycover, and also the percent sediment texture comparing to trilinier plot.In total, 16,353 intertidal crab individuals in 13 species were sampled. Differences inobserved number and estimated number of species (ACE, Chao1), as well as number ofindividuals, diversity indices and evenness between the four studied mangrove areas wereall highly significant. Monthly fluctuation of intertidal crab diversity was more constant inthe undisturbed area with a high mangrove coverage (90%) compared to the crab hunting,the logging and the prawn pond area with a coverage of 89%, 33% and 0%, respectively.Intertidal crab abundance was equal in the undisturbed, the crab hunting and the loggingarea, but significantly lower in the completely deforested prawn pond area.
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