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The mangroves are originally an intact ecosystem. Human influences affect this exceptionally rich habitat.

Threat to mangroves
Mangrove forests are suffering in many parts of the globe under varied human impacts. In addition to that the conventional shrimp aquaculture contamine the floors of this sensitive habitat with their chemicals waiste. With the farming of shrimp and seafood in natural Silvofishery® system works against these harmful development.

In many countries where the concept of environmental protection is not widespread yet, and which have a low level of economic development, mangrove forests are threatened directly by human activities.

Influences by man
The causes are also difficult to resolve both diverse. The reasons are many: the intensive use of surrounding land in the immediate vicinity of the mangroves; the rampant draining through the steadily increasing demand for productive land; Emissions from partly distant industrial plants; Oil spills from mining and processing; illegal logging; piracy-fishing in coastal areas; and much more.

The destruction of mangroves continues, and in some places, due to highly polluted soils, already irreversible.

State protection program
Vietnam grabs this issue with the government protection program for mangroves. The natural Silvofishery® aquaculture system support directly the preservation of mangroves, while the economic development of the rural population.