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Mangrove forests are wetlands directly by the sea or in river deltas of warm zones. The typical mangrove forest grows in the so-called mangrove belt in tropical and subtropical shores around the globe.

The intact ecosystem mangrove forest forms a community of plants, such as trees and shrubs, as well as countless animals, such as fish and crabs. Including a number of endemic, that is only locally occurring species are found. But man lives in and out of this environment has always been.

Mangrove forests grow in salty or brackish water. Irregular inflows and outflows (eg monsoon) and different water levels indicate from this habitat.

Adaptation to special conditions
ll residents had to adapt to the harsh living conditions in accordance with their development. So the salty environment for trees is not really suitable. Mangroves whose roots are constantly immersed in the salt have found some interesting solutions to this problem. Aquatic animals usually live in fresh water, struggling with the departure of unnecessary salt.

Nursery for sealive
many, including economically important fish and seafood in the mangrove forest is considered as a nursery. In shallow water is either spawned or survived the first stages of development in the protection of root braid.