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Let's go to new land! We live on a hungry planet - hungry for food for a growing world population. Global warming and depletion of nature can destroy our livelihood.

Paul Collier "The Hungry Planet"
Paul Collier questioned the supposedly irreconcilable contradiction between ecology and economy and shows in his new book: The Hungry Planet, how we can satisfy the hunger for natural resources, without plundering the planet.

The nature is a factory that can produce endless!
We know this natural production process under the concept of reproduction: fish and seafood can multiply. They have babies! These renewable raw materials, a double blessing for mankind, we can use for all eternity.

Threat to reproduction
The vulnerability of reproduction is that the continuous stream of consumable goods depends on maintaining a large enough stock of them. We can harvest from reproducible resources and enjoy them because previous generations have not looted. We feel instinctively that it is a terrible mistake to plunder a renewable resource until it is gone.

Responsible utilization rate
Therefore, the conquest is to maintaining the stock, coupled with a good rate of use of renewable resources to preserve it for future generations. That makes sense! All over the world there are responsibly managed fisheries. In this way, the preservation of fish stocks is guaranteed and helps protect the habitat at sea. Sustainable fishing is the approach with the sweeping effect:

Sustainable MSC fisheries
On MSC-certified fisheries endangeredsea creatures, fish stocks andmarine habitatswill be carefullymonitored. As well as the corresponding impact of fishingactivities are closely overviewed.

... Switzerland has a consumption of 9.1 kg of fish and seafood products pro capita, their need for 95% (!), from the near and far abroad in!

... of which are globally 80% (!) of commercially exploited fish stocks overfished or threatened!

Plates free ...
... for sustainable fish! ... because the problem of overfishing has penetrated the public consciousness! It insecure and frightened consumers! There is a need for greater sustainability! Take advantage of this opportunity!

Because only sustainable fishing industry in the long run makes it possible to bring people the quality and enjoyable food fish on the plate at the same time to maintain the stocks!

Sustainability is not just a trend
The continued overfishing inevitably leads to a dead end! High time to counteract effectively! Credibility, reliability and expertise in procurement are therefore the great challenge!

Advanced providers meet this demand and offer a wide range of carefully selected fish and seafood products from sustainable production guaranteed! I am convinced that fish and seafood can be produced close to nature and resource-friendly for healthy foods!

Sustainable fishing is the core element of a conscious and goal-oriented entrepreneurial action! Than only what is catched humanely, produced natural and environmentally friendly, can be described asgenuine and culinary delight!

More and more people have a heart for healthy environment
These people want to take responsibility and be actively! So, it is always more important for trading companies and their customers with their guests to know that the fish they bu yand eat, was captured environmentally friendly and looking to the future!

Independant environmental labels
Evidences in the form of independent environmental labels play an increasingly important role! Use the blue and white labels of the nonprofit MSC... green and white ASC... . This way you can show credibly that you act for the preservation of fish stocks and intact underwaterworld - a commitment to value-add for you uand your guests!

Only a respectful handling of the fish is permanently a sustainable enjoy ....and that makes sense!

Copyright: Arne van Grondel – Ambassador for fish and seafood from sustainable fisheries