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As an ambassador for fish and seafood from sustainable fisheries Arne van Grondel support resourceful people for a good cause. The fact that the Swiss fish farming increasingly begins to move, not only pleases him.

Record! Whopping 9.1 kg fish and seafood consumed Mr. and Mrs. Swiss last year on average - more than ever before. The total amount consumed in this country has increased by about 60 percent over the past 25 years.

We are eating more fish and seafood
The knowledge that we are eating more fish and seafood, that is not new: The latest figures underscore a trend which has been evident for decades.

This fact pleases particularly one guy. Arne van Grondel acting for three years with body and soul as "ambassadors for fish and seafood from sustainable fisheries" for the swiss trading company Marinex. The 61-year-old loves fish, exalts its flavor independence and diversity as well as its potential to feed the world.

Text: Sarah Kohler / Fotos: Jürg Waldmeier/z.V.g.

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