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BIOFACH 2015 Nuremberg

The BIOFACH 2015 Nuremberg was a great success. Around 2,200 exhibitors from around the world attracted about 42,000 visitors. The big trend is "Free From".

Here are some highlights:

• More Exhibitors
The 2,200 exhibitors from all continents offered a real ocean of ​​colors. Very remarkable is the fact that many regions of the globe fully rely on organic - and are present with enormous community stands.

• Increase in Visitors
The foodstuff retailers, supermarkets departments and of course the organic trade is growing and it shows the flow of visitors - mind all business visitors.
The eyes of the visitors could hardly get enough of the colors. And of course there was tastings from many providers.

• Innovation and new products
In addition to the individual promotion of each booth, there was also a presentation of new products in Hall 7A in concentrated form.
Here, visitors could select the best new products in different categories. A top show of the innovative capacity of the organic sector.

• Revenue growth
In addition to the general sales growth in stores of the entire organic market, the industry also reported a growth in the face of total production.
This means that more and more producers put on Bio - the available surface area and the availability at the origin is increasing.

• Mega-Trend "Free From"
Healthy products are healthy for the consumer if they are also good to him. Sure, you know. But the mega-trend in this respect seems to be the offer of "Free From". Means Bio-Products "with no"!
Natural organic label products with the claim "Free From" are increasingly in demand.
What's needed is both the organic trade as well as the foodstuff retailers.

For further information, the study here:
"Please ... with no" Free From - Prospects for trade

©Franco Romanelli