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In the WWF Seafood Group, companies are joining forces who want to contribute to the protection of the seas. The aim of the partners is to gradually convert their supply of fish to fish from sustainable and environmentally friendly farms.

The members of the WWF Seafood Group offer no more fish that are threatened with extinction, such as shark or red tuna (bluefin tuna).

For fish from heavily overfished stocks (eg cod from the North-East Atlantic) or species that are particularly vulnerable to overfishing due to their slow reproduction (for example: redfish, monkfish or orange roughy), solutions are sought within one year. If no alternatives ecologically intact stocks are found, the appropriate species of fish are no longer offered.

In addition, members will be offering more fish from sustainable and environmentally friendly farms. Always met the WWF sees these criteria in biotechnology and MSC fish and seafood, as well as wild fish from local waters.

WWF Seafood Group: Become a member
Be addressed with the Seafood Group retailers, suppliers and other companies in the fish sector.

We advise our partners on the gradual conversion of their range of sustainable fish and seafood, prepared in conjunction with appropriate action plans to them. The aim of the cooperation is to increase the share of MSC and organic fish or -Meeresfrüchten, avoiding high-risk fish species and better declaration of fish origin.

The first certified by the Aquaculture Stewardship Council (ASC) Label products from the breeding of fish and marine animals since the end of 2012 can be found on the Swiss market - a milestone on the way to the launch of this new environmental labels, which the WWF has developed with partners.

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