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The UN summit on biodiversity in Pyeongchang South Korea is over. What's the point?

In the South Korean Pyeongchang from 29.09. until the 17.10.014 a total of 194 States met, to debate the issue of biodiversity.

What are the results of this mega-event?
The discussions provided at least a conclusion on the recognition of more than 150 "ecologically or biologically significant marine areas".

As early as 2010 it was decided in Nagoya, Japan, to provide ten percent of the marine area under protection. However, only three percent of them are yet recognized as protected zones.

Great progress or only small steps?
WWF calls the decision of Pyeongchang "a major advance". The balance sheet for the protection of species and habitats, however, can be described as negative.

Because with the "20 strategic objectives", adopted at the last meeting, there was little progress

Threat to reefs continues unabated
More than a third of all-important reefs are threatened worldwide or even threatened with destinction. Destructive fishing practices and environmental stresses such as acidification or climate change gnaw at these treasures of nature.

Alone in southeastern Asia 95 percent of reefs are endangered. Unfortunately, the concept of sustainable use of fisheries has not arrived anywhere

Wait what the decisions bring
So it remains to be seen how the latest decisions of the UN conference can really protect the biodiversity on our planet.

© Franco Romanelli