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The natural Silvofishery Pond plants are located directly in the mangrove forest or in the separate system on an enclosed by dikes area of the farm.

The shrimps are kept in natural ponds in extent from 250 to 800 m or more or less narrow channels 3-4 m and grown to harvest.

The ponds can be directly in the mangrove forest, this is called "the mixed system", or outside, also called "separate system", depending to the available space. In both cases, the ponds are separated by dikes and embankments.

Mixed Silvofishery system
In mixed Silvofishery system, the dikes are covered with mangroves and so correspond most closely to the natural ecosystem of the mangrove forest.

Separate Silvofishery system
In separate Silvofishery system, the ponds are located along natural waterways, usually in the front area of the farm, while the mangroves thrive in a separate area in the rear, a part of the farm.

The natural ponds are usually very flat with a water depth of 30 cm to 1 m. By one or several locks with access to the channels, the ponds are flooded on a regular basis to enable the exchange of water.

In addition to dams from occurring on-site soil and wooden sluice gates of approximately 1 m width, more modern locks installations are provided.