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Responsable and sustainable Minh Phu

Our Vision
Minh Phu's vision  is to be a global end-to-end shrimp production value  chain that pUts Vietnam on the map  as the leading provider of quality shrimps.

Our Values: Authentic
We stay true  to our Vietnamese heritage and values and can be relied on to deliver on our promises.

We work in unity, across every stage of our value chain.

We are committed to our core purpese and our customers' success.

We aretransparent with  our practices.
We Iisten and are open to new ideas.

Who we are

Who we are
We are Vietnam's pre-eminent international producer and distributor of shrimp that combines experience, innovation and quality across all stages  of our value-chain to strengthen the natural environment, and bring peace-of-mind to our consumers and partners.

Our Personality: Reliable
We do what we say and we say what we mean, and can be depended upon to deliver only the best.

We think progressively and creatively, leading the way with revolutionary ways of doing things.

We are engaged with  our community and environment, and are an integral part  of their growth.

Our audience

Our Audience
Business customers (including distributors, retailers, hotels and restaurants) seeking a reliable partner for success.

End-consumers seeking quality shrimps for enjoyment with peace-of-mind.

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