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The natural breeding and production system Silvofishery not only protects the environment but also guarantees the local population all year round sustainable and steady income.

The sustainable aquaculture Silvofishery provides farmers and smallholders families a number of advantages and perspectives:

Local and small-scale farming in small farms in the Mekong Delta in southern Vietnam.

Each farm has only about 4 to 5 hectares of land area, whose production is limited.

Of this, the entire available land area is approximately 60-70% of mangroves.

The remaining area of about 40% is used for ponds for aquaculture of shrimp.

The local small families and farmers this way are able to achieve a regular income from the natural aquaculture of shrimps and fish in their home area.

Sustainable Economic thanks Silvofishery®
The processors and producers can thus earn a sustainable livelihood and build opportunities for their families, such as education or health care.

Aquaculture on open water