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Naturland Organic Blacktiger from Eden Shrimps

Silvofishery - the natural aquaculture of Eden Shrimps - is awarded with the Naturland Organic Certification
In this country, all lovers of natural food can look forward to the very first Eden Shrimps from organic aquaculture in the world.

Eden Shrimp are certified by Naturland Organic
Only the organic aquaculture works according to the basic principles of responsible production of food in harmony with man and nature. And more and more consumers today require responsibly produced shrimps, with a comprehensive and holistic quality guarantee.

Now all friends of organic food can enjoy with a clear conscience shrimps, because Eden Shrimps come from Organic Aquaculture and are certified organic by the internationally recognized standard of Naturland.

Pure pleasure with Eden shrimp
The <Eden Shrimps>, our organic Black Tiger - from organic aquaculture, cultivated in the vast Mekong Delta, Vietnam, with the biological certification of <Naturland>, is the pure and unadulterated delight!

And that has its reasons
Because the shrimps grow up in natural ponds and canal systems. At the bottom of their intact ecosystem, the shrimp will find plenty of algae, plankton and small animals - their natural, preferred food.

Therefore, is no need for a supplementary feeding. And this benefits not only to water quality, but also to the flavor of the prawns.

Shrimp aquaculture in harmony with nature
The animals need for optimal growth and well-being, not just a balanced, natural diet, but also plenty of freedom of movement. So, only maximum 5 shrimps live per square meter in the ponds. 

The advantage of animal welfare is obvious
The shrimps are not under stress and grow up clearly much healthier. Absolutely no antibiotics are used. Also, genetic engineering, pesticides and fertilizers are taboo in the <Naturland Organic Aquaculture>.

Benefits that you can taste, because your guests will really receive only what they want to eat:
Pure nature! Organic shrimps - of course, what else?

© Arne van Grondel - Fish & Food Master

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