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Naturland Certificate for Eden Shrimps

Braking news: Eden Shrimp is awarded with the coveted Naturland organic certification
In this country, all lovers of natural food can look forward to the very first Eden Shrimps from organic aquaculture in the world

The years of efforts to implement - the very high hurdles of organic certification on a variety of small farms in the Mekong Delta, in the traditional ownership of smallholder families - have now been successfully completed.

Eden Shrimp were and still are the only real Black Tiger shrimps from a controlled and independently verified Silvofishery® system - now also with Naturland Organic Certificate.

Eden Shrimp are certified by Naturland Organic
Only the organic aquaculture works according to the basic principles of responsible production of food in harmony with man and nature. And more and more consumers today require responsibly produced shrimps, with a comprehensive and holistic quality guarantee.

Now all friends of organic food can enjoy with a clear conscience shrimps, because Eden Shrimps come from organic aquaculture and are certified organic by the internationally recognized standard of Naturland.

Highest environmental standards
Naturland guarantees compliance with the strict requirements of the Eden Shrimps.
   > Naturland guidelines

• Guaranteed from the natural controlled and independently audited Silvofishery® system.
   > This is Silvofishery

 Raising, harvesting, production and processing of Eden Shrimps is guaranteed sustainable.
   > Sustainability of Eden Shrimp

Eden Shrimps meets the world's highest environmental standards.
   > Environmental Standard Eden Shrimps

• Support of small farm family with exemplary social standards.
   > Perspectives for small farmers


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