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Trough Green Coast Project in Aceh and Nias, Wetlands International used the silvo-fishery approach to plant mangrove seedling in and around of the tidal zone.

This approach will bring a number of benefits, including:

The dykes of the ponds will be strengthened by the roots of the mangroves. There will also be more shade along the dykes, which will increase comfort for the people walking along them.

The leaves of the mangroves can be used as fodder for livestock (in particular, goats).

Increase of bio diversity (including natural fish spawn and crabs), which will increase the income of fish farmers.

Reduction of coastal erosion and salt water intrusion, which will protect infrastructure and fresh water sources.

Creation of a coastal green belt, which will support the program of climate change mitigation and adaptation as mangroves sequester CO2 and protect coastal infrastructure from the impacts of sea level rise.
Marketing of carbon sequestered on the carbon market will provide a significant additional source of income to local fish farmers. This will contribute to income diversification and vulnerability reduction.

Mangroves will reduce the impact of natural disasters such as storms and high tides.


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