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Eden Shrimps - the ecological "Alp-summering" of Vietnamese farmers in the Mekong Delta

Eden Shrimps are shrimps farmed in the Silvo-Fishery aquaculture system, a traditional farming method wich protect mangrove forests in Vietnam.

Alpine pasture in the Swiss mountains
The mangroves, combined with the natural ponds, thereby form an intact ecosystem - similar to an alpine pasture in the Swiss mountains - which serves the shrimp as food and natural food source.

No additional feeding
So the Eden Shrimps grow without additional feeding, because the food provides nature itself, like us on the lush, green and full of flowers lean Alp pastures! Thanks to Eden Shrimps program will find many local peasant families in Vietnam a steady income.

Sustainable use of mangrove
At the same time ecologically valuable mangrove forests are sustainably protected with this natural breeding way. Eden Shrimps are in harmony with nature, raised the blacktiger shrimp in SilvoFishery farms, in food-rich river delta of the Mekong River, in the south of Vietnam.

impressive quality
Due to the natural breeding Eden Shrimps, have an excellent quality:
• firm texture
hard shells
natural taste
crunchy bite
eautiful Color

Silvofishery - the basis for the best quality - provided by nature!

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