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Mangrove forests are among the most productive ecosystems on earth. They are threatened by direct or indirect intervention of civilization in survival. Silvofishery® help with the project to protect the mangroves to protect biodiversity.

Mangrove forests thrive in the tropical and subtropical belt around the world. The typical mangrove forest is a community consisting of trees and shrubs that have adapted to the special conditions of life over time.

Animals are directly dependent on the mangrove
For this complex but fragile ecosystem are countless animal species whose survival depends directly on the welfare of their habitat.

Importance of plants for the local population
Many plants and animals, such as tree fruits and wood, as well as fish and shrimp are harvested by man and has always served the diet of the local population.

Mangrove Conservation Project
Silvofishery® makes an important contribution to the "Mangrove Conservation Project", the government protection program from Vietnam to the preservation and protection of the mangrove forest.