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The blue whale is believed to be the largest animal that has ever lived in the world - the animals can be up to 35 meters long. Thus the marine giants not soon go down in the history books, they need our help. For waste, chemicals and ship noise put the animals too.

Thanks to people like you, we were able to celebrate a big hit off the coast of Chile this year:
The newly built Tic Toc marine reserve Blue Whale population the largest in the southern hemisphere is now a safe haven. Together we can ensure that the survival of the Blue Whale will be sustained.

The blue whale was about the extermination
The whaling brought the blue giant to the brink of extinction. Although they are protected by a ban on hunting since 1967, their survival is not yet secured. Waste, chemicals and noise from shipping - The threats are still caused by humans.

Success by using one of the WWF
The WWF is fighting since 2005 for the protection of biodiversity off the coast of Chile. With success: This year, the Chilean government, the Tic-Toc-reserve sets up a 87,500 hectare comprehensive marine protection zone. In the summer months it is home to the largest Blue Whale population the southern hemisphere.

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